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SEO keywords are keywords and phrases in your site content that people will find in your search engine. In other words, you first research what words people use to search for their products, services, or information in search engines; Then put keywords in your online content; When a user searches for these words on Google, Google links them to your content or page (which is optimized for these words) and shows them to the user in the results.
With SEO keywords, you can optimize your site to make it easier to find through search engines. If you do not do this correctly, users will encounter thousands of other results in search engines; So no one will see your site.
That’s why creating a list of relevant keywords is the most important thing that SEO should do to use them to rank better than your competitors.
When it comes to the success of a marketing campaign, keywords and SEO are two things that are directly related. Because SEO is keyword based, investing and spending time on keywords and connecting them to your audience is very important.
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Here we try to meet the needs of users with a text analyzer by providing an online app. We have tried to examine the properties of the text in the best possible way so that the user can analyze the texts. There are no restrictions on using this online app and you can easily find the important features whenever you just want to paste text, such as: the number of words, letters, sentences, lines, paragraphs, text reading time and keyword density, keyword phrase density, frequency of words and so on. We are aware that this program can still have better capabilities, so we are constantly reviewing and debugging it. If you have any suggestions, please let us know here