Introducing modern SEO techniques in 2022

Google updates and changes its algorithms hundreds of times a year, making it impossible for us to track all these changes as SEO experts, so a SEO strategy that worked last year may not work this year or the strategy that works today may not work next year, but in the meantime if it comes from some of the biggest trends and techniques of modern SEO in the meantime. Be aware of 2022, you will be one head higher than your competitors.
You should look at this ever-changing environment as a great opportunity to improve your SEO and website user experience, not as a threat to your site’s standing.
According to statistics, about 75 percent of users never cross the first page of search results, so it’s important to understand how these updates of the search engine algorithm can be used to the benefit of their site and remain on the first page of search engine results.
In this article from the SEO tutorial series, we have introduced the best modern SEO techniques in 2022 to get to know these techniques.

  • Pay attention to Core Web Vitals
  • Focus on featured snippets
  • Generate new content
  • Update old content
  • Quality backlinks
  • Focus on user experience
  • Conclusion

Pay attention to Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals, or Google’s core, is a relatively new SEO term that in 2022, it is essential to understand its meaning and criteria.

Core Web Vitals is a set of criteria that measure speed, responsiveness and visual stability. The basic criteria of Core Web Vitals are:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures page speed, in other words, LCP is the time required to load the main content of the page.

First Input Delay (FID): Measures page responsiveness. FID is how long it takes for the first user interaction to happen with the page. The minimum FID is 100 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures the stability of visual elements, in other words, CLS is the amount of change in page content layout. Cls is ideally less than 0.1.

To measure these criteria for the website, Google has updated many of its existing tools to include core web vitals measurement capabilities. Each of these tools displays reports that provide details about the status of the site’s Core Web Vitals. These tools include:

  •       Google search console
  •       PageSpeed ​​Insights
  •       Lighthouse
  •       Chrome DevTools

Focus on featured snippets

Featured snippets should become part of your SEO strategy in 2022, so that Google displays a piece of information that the user seems to be looking for in the box at the top of the results page, so that users get their answers without having to head to the website.
Some SEO workers think that featured snippets will harm their click rates, while if this clever feature is used, it can attract users’ attention and attract them to the website.


In the seo world, E-A-T stands for _Naturale, Authority and Trust.’ E-A-T is one of the criteria for measuring your brand’s reputation on the web. Google puts more prestigious sites above unknown sites. In other words, the goal of E-A-T is to validate content written by a real expert, thus reducing the likelihood of unreliable sites on Google’s front page.

Generate new content

It may seem obvious, but sometimes marketers and SEO professionals get too involved in the details of their website’s SEO and neglect the importance of producing quality and new content for the audience, it is interesting to know that more than 4.4 million blog posts are published daily, so if you don’t produce new content regularly, there is a possibility that your competitors will outpace you. New content, in itself, is a rating factor. The more quality content you publish, the faster Google indexes your pages and the faster your content ranks.
New content is more valuable to users than old content when people are looking for an answer to a question, often looking at the date of publication and updating of the content if your content has an old date and information, it will quickly drop rank.

Update old content

In addition to producing new content, you shouldn’t neglect to update your old content, and updating old content is an essential modern SEO technique in 2022, if you only publish new content, your old content will be taken away, since it takes a lot of time and energy to produce content that was once very useful.
When updating old content, also pay attention to internal and external links. It exists and helps Google index your new pages faster. This not only improves your user experience, but also keeps your site from being fined by Google for having too many broken links.

Quality backlinks

Backlinks are the heart of SEO, you can’t ignore high-quality link building in 2022 in the modern SEO strategy.
Backlinks are a vital way to build brand credentials when a high-credentialed site links to your site, the E-A-T benchmark mentioned earlier increases, and so Google recognizes your site as a reputable site for users.

Focus on user experience

Modern SEO is a great user experience. You no longer optimize your website for search engines, but rather optimize it for the experience that users will have after logging into your pages.
In addition, Google also takes into account the jump rate, the time the user stays on the site and the percentage of clicks, the goal is for the user to click on your site on the Google results page, spend time clicking on different pages and spend at least 3 minutes on your site.
In other words, seo experts’ efforts in 2022 are to ultimately improve the user experience with different techniques.

To analyze the status of your site’s user experience, consider the following:

  •       Mobile Compatibility: Does your site have responsive design for mobile?
  •       Site Navigation: Can users easily find other pages of your site?
  •       Page Speed: How long does it take to load your site?
  •       Interaction: Do you have features on your site that make users interact with your content?
  •       Content Quality: Do you have broken links or poor content on the wrong site?

By improving some of these, you will see that users will spend more time on your site.


SEO becomes more complete and complete over time, forcing business owners, marketers and SEO professionals to adapt to the latest SEO changes and search engine algorithms. As you read in this article, modern SEO techniques in 2022 are more focused on improving the user experience, or UX.
There are many factors in SEO that we need to keep an eye on. But it’s wiser to focus our time and energy on things that ultimately improve the user experience and then seo in search engines.

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