Keywords in SEO

What is the role of keyword in seo site

Keywords are one of the most important things in SEO, today with computer help technical group to get acquainted with one of the most important SEO tricks and the best focal keywords.

One of the things that is highly regarded in SEO is the use of keywords at the beginning of the writing, this will make your page search engines that the keyword or keyword used at the beginning of the post more suggested to users, thereby visiting your site will increase.

The role of keywords in seo

Also, when you use the keyword at the beginning of your title or post, the link associated with your post will have a better chance of clicking, which will increase your site’s click rate or CRT in google search engine, and as a result, the site’s ranking will increase. Help with free SEO training with your computer.

Keyword in SEO

What is the keyword?

What is the keyword or keyword that is so important to us in SEO?!  Searching keywords is one of the most important and effective options in the field of e-commerce. These are keywords that can lead our target users to our site. We have to answer the question whether the keyword that the user searches for is exactly on our site or not? Have I, as a site designer and content producer, been able to give the user the keyword they are looking for at first glance, and have I been able to convince him to click on my link?

Is the visitor satisfied with our Site?

We use keywords to direct users to our site and eventually we will turn them into customers. So never redirect users to your pages if the keyword the user is looking for doesn’t exist on your page!!!. This is not a good trick to turn visitor users into customers, as it will only increase your site visit and users will be upset by this dupe and may even be penalized by Google for this.

We also need to make sure that the user is satisfied with what they searched for and eventually logged into our site, so don’t write content for search engines. Because when you write only for search engines, the traffic that it earns doesn’t make you monetize, you have to monetize your site traffic.

How to find the best keyword for your content SEO?

To find the right keyword for SEO, you need to search for your keyword in search engines and know which sites have ranked high in search engines for your keyword. Learn why users click on the links of these websites do they have the ability to keep the customer satisfied? Do you reach your target word when you click on the given link? Answering these questions can help you find the right keyword.

Know the value of Long tail keywords

Many keywords are searched daily in search engines by users, but which keywords are worth more? Research has shown that the most famous words cover 30% of the search, and the rest of the searches, which include 70%, belong to long tails or, in other words, long tails.

Maybe it’s a little bit ganek for you and you can’t easily understand what it means, but with a simple example we’ll tell you what these famous long tails are , suppose (you’re a store selling cologne, the word cologne is one of the words that goes over and over again and you’ll be very happy if you get the first place in the famous word cologne!!! If the user who searches for this word is probably just reviewing it, but if this user writes “The price of the Cologne Cochuchenel Mademazl” means this user is going to buy this cologne! This is a long tail keyword that can convert your site visit to shopping.

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